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Iconic Photos (or IP for people in the know) is a photography time capsule and as its name indicates, goes back to Iconic photos, which had a place in history. It is important I mention not all the pictures the blog visits or re-visits are blockbusters such as the one in the below screen capture.

With over 300 posts, you can only learn and get your curiosity bump going. On top of that, some photographers maintain email contact with the blog owner, and provide insights only them can share.



From the Ho Chi Minh French library, I borrowed “L’île des gauchers” – which in English would make “The island if the left-handed” – by French writer Alexandre Jardin. I do not know if this novel is goor or not ; I haven’t read it yet.

L'ile aux gauchers

L'île des gauchers

Whenever I pick-up  a book at the library,  one of the first page I read is the handwritten list of subscribers who read it already. The computerization of libraries force the lists to end around 2004, but still, it is nice to see how many times the book was picked up.

In this particular book, the second page caught my intention because it contains a personal note.

Ha quel chemin difficile mais la finalité est belle.
A mon p’tit Didou,

From these words, multiple stories may be invented.

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