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Nabil is an Australian photographer and director. His portraits amazes me as they look so much more spontaneous than one wants to believe.

He is also a brilliant director and he filmed many music videos, notably for Kanye West.



Officially happening today is the permanent death of the Kodachrome film. About 18 months ago, Kodak announced it would stop manufacturing the rolls and the chemicals to develop them. The last roll ever produced was given to long-time Kodachrome fan Steve McCurry, who shot it in New York, India and finally Kansas where it would be developed.

I’m really sorry that Kodak gave up on Kodachrome. My family has many slides from the 1950s that my father took with Kodachrome 25 that still look like they were taken yesterday. I seriously doubt that there’s any technology out there now that will last as long and look as good 60 years hence.

– 1st comment made on New York Times’ Lens Blog post about today’s event

Dwayne’s Photo is the last spot ‘on Earth’ where the Kodachrome rolls can be developed. Today, they will stop accepting any additional rolls. Hopefully, Dwayne’s team will not run out of chemicals before everything is processed. To be honest, I doubt this is the last place. Let’s see if I can find elsewhere to develop those.

A while after the announcement, Kodak asked photographers Steve Guttman, Eric Meola and Steve McCurry to select some of their favorites pictures they took with the Kodachrome film and the result is here and more here.

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