Perhaps I gave you a link and you landed here, or you found it somewhere on a Photography-related web page, or even better Google sent you here. You may not know who I am, what I am like and what I usually do. So, to properly get this new blog in the starting-blocks, I trust I shall introduce myself and explain a little what this is about. First of all I look like this (I’ll post a better one later…):

Me!, Cambodia, 2010

I’m Alex, I was born on a Saturday, in mid-summer in southeastern France. For a couple of years now, I have been living in Asia, more accurately in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. South East Asia is packed with great place to see, and can surprise one’s eyes for a lifetime. Perpetually evolving and interestingly very attached to its root, every destination is a new discovery, every time.

Back in early 2006, I had been working and living in beautiful Switzerland for almost 3 years, and had the chance there to meet my wonderful wife, Julie. My first and real encounter with the photography world happened there. I could borrowed for a day a DSLR, one of the first one aiming at a large public. Coming from Casio point-and-shoot, it was a marvel: fast, no lag, no hassle (of course in automatic mode) and a through-the-lens viewfinder. I did not realized at that time but it changed something somewhere inside me.

We loved Switzerland but as newly weds, we also wanted something new, something different, in do short something bold, “now or never”. We sold and gave almost everything we had, gave our cat, pack our things and headed to Vietnam. Once here, I (luckily not my wife) was out of job for a few months and took this time to look closer at what photography is. We later purchased my very first DSLR, that was October 2006, I then found a job – not related to photography, which came packaged with extensive travels around Vietnam, Cambodia and around the region.

About 4 years later, I settled in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, Photographers' paradise, 2010

Slowly but surely, photography took an more and more important place in my mind and by teaching myself some techniques, it also allowed to see differently what surrounds me. Oh, this first DSLR came with a very crappy lens. Crappy is too soft to describe it well (as a matter of fact, “soft” describes it much better). But yes, it was that crappy and it took me a while to find it out. Since then I purchased more hardware and spent more on photography than on anything else. Someday I’ll have to post a “What’s in my bag”.

I have always preferred the feel and touch of the paper, the possibility to look at large prints, rather than on screen. Jointly, the wish of having a collection of photos, or photo books, is present in my mind for a long time. I am fond of (without order of any kind) Henri-Cartier Bresson, Helmut Newton, Sebastiao Salgado, etc. etc.

This finally brings me to this blog, shortly called “on Photography“. Here, I will express my views of photography-related content, either that I have found sleeping in a bookstore or strolling on the Web. At first, I am creating two categories, “I saw that“, in which I comment stuff I did not produce and “I shot that“, where I post capture I actually took.

Roissy, France, 2009

Pink Cyberspace (Roissy, France, 2009)

Later on, the “Blah Blah Blah…” category will host more metaphysics and immensely important posts such as the one you are finishing reading now; and finally, a future category will be the aforementioned “In my bag“.

Well, I am done writing for today, I hope you will enjoy this blog and that you will find it interesting. Any comments are welcomed and if you want to contact me directly, do so through the contact section.

See you around 🙂