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The workflow is becoming more and more important in photography works and it remains a mystery for many amateurs. Having said that, I am no professional on both photography and workflows, but thanks to this book and a couple of years of experience, I arrived to the below workflow, and find it to work pretty well with & for Adobe Lightroom.

Note this is a picture-by-picture workflow! I use another workflow for stitching panoramas and for HDR.

Processing Workflow (4th Version)

Keep on reading for the walk-through.

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I was recently going around the Web, taking a look at my blog(s), at Flickr and a couple of other websites.

On Flickr, I went through my groups and noticed one I’ve always liked : “Diptychs – two is better than one!” But in its ‘Pool’, I found a lot of inconsistency (in terms of visual impact) between the proposed works. On the same thought, I have noticed the Web is packed with “how-to” for Photoshop and the like, but not much words on the recipe that makes a great image, and in our particular case the diptych. So, here I expose some thoughts on what makes diptychs to work or not. It is just an attempt give some ideas and eventually inspire the readers. By no means I am in true science here, all come from personal observations.

Two Little Rides (by tubes. on Flickr)

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I do like PTGUI (Panorama Tools Graphic User  Interface). It may have one of the most awfully designed and overrun commercial website I can think of, there is no other option for me when it comes to stitching pictures. Perhaps – and for the good of all of us photographers – the people at “New House Internet Services B.V.” (PTGUI’s developers and distributors) prefer to spend their time on improving their product.

Most DSLR comes bundled (among lots of other – usually useless – software) with their stitching software. Hence many photographers being happy with them – or managing it with Photoshop CSx functions – do not know PTGUI. I am not able to change that situation; but if you do not know it yet, let me introduce you to the power of this little wonder.

Toulouse (Toulouse, France, 2009)

Panorama of Toulouse Riverside (Toulouse, France, 2009)

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