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“Little Worlds”, early 2011 (4 new pictures)

Le meurtre de la randonneuse

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I was at the Hong Kong Tennis Classics 2011 this week, and would not miss the chance to shoot some of the players in action. I think it’s the first time I try to photograph tennis players and to say the least, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Maria Kirilenko I

First 2 matches (Kirilenko vs. Oudin & Zvonareva vs. V. Williams), my seat was less than ideal. Right in front of the baseline, the players were either on their profile or too far…
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From Hong Kong, I wish all of you a meaningful, healthy and prosperous year 2011!

Today I’m booting up my latest project, with the firm intention to get it rolling for a while. It’s called “MadeInAnywhere” and as you imagine, it has something to do with Photography.

The idea is to take everyday life objects, picture their label “Made In …” and make a diptych out of the combination “provenance + object”. Every object would have its own post and contributions are welcome (a Flickr group is being setup for this)

It all comes up with one of my favorite expression. Every once in a while in cafeteria discussion someone says “Oh, this was Made In China” to which I invariably reply “Come on, the whole planet was Made In China“. But does it? How much of any object you can think traveled around the world to reach you? Our first item below comes from Japan!

Mug, Made in Japan

We’ll see this and a lot more on

WOW, a long while has passed since I last posted something on the blog… With the exception of some pictures in the ‘Little worlds‘ gallery. I wanted to do this for a while, so here is an example of post-processing a picture. I hope you will find it useful.

Step ‘0‘ – obviously enough – involves taking the picture. In this, I was granted access to the rooftop of a building in the middle of the Central district in Hong Kong. Looking down towards Connaught Road, the traffic was an amazing mix of colors and ant colony activity.

Here is the original picture, step ‘1‘:

Step 1

Picked from a series of 5 pictures, there were still two things I disliked about that one. Firstly, the inevitable orange color cast, offered as usual with the compliments of the Street Lights Association of Hong Kong. Secondly, the – again with the compliments of the S.L.A. (H.K.) – the light post.

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