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The ending year was nothing short of distress, bad news and the like. From the gigantic drama in Haiti to the ongoing wars of the worlds, memories of anything good that happened in 2010 have no chances to hold for long.

TIME Magazine revisits this doomed year with some of the best pictures it published. Here is a selection of them.

Funeral in HaitiPhotographed by Shaul Schwarz / Reportage / Getty Images for TIME

The Port-au-Prince cemetery had no more room, but the dead kept coming.

Earthquake in HaitiPhotograph by Shaul Schwarz / Reportage / Getty Images for TIME

The devastating January 12 quake registered 7.0 on the Richter scale.haiti

Volcanic Eruption in IcelandPhotographed by Ragnar Th Sigurdsson / Arctic Images

Eyjafjallajokull’s eruption lights up the Icelandic sky. It was an awesome spectacle, but the ash that followed created a global mess.

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Daria Werbowy

The new Pirelli Calendar was released officially in Moscow last week, and as usual, it is an event on its own in the world of photography. After Terry Richardson in 2010 – which did not makes me say ‘wow’ – and Peter Beard in 2009 – that was a big WoW -, it is Karl Lagerfeld who has the honor. And this time, I wowed a few times.

From his Paris studio, Lagerfeld created “Mythology”, a calendar that reflects one of his deepest passions, that of Greek and Roman mythology, tales of the origins of humanity told through the adventures of gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines.

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Don’t know the Pirelli calendar? Here is what P{irelli says about it:

The Calendar is the icon of Pirelli’s communication. A symbol that for over forty years not only celebrates female beauty, but also celebrates the complexity of an art that has been able to transform itself over time.
With constantly changing styles and authors, this art always manages to express a new aspect of history.

In short: it is a big thing.

(more about these after the click below… including nudity)

Pirelli Calendar 2010

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