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Holga D is a digital camera inspired from the extremely popular cult of Holga and other toy cameras of its kind.

Even though it’s a digital camera, it retains the qualities and simplicity of the original Holga camera and brings back the joy and delayed gratification associated with good old analog photography.

At the moment this is only a concept and you can find out more here.


Canon has announced the EF 8-15mm f/4 L USM, the world’s first fisheye zoom lens to offer both ‘circular’ and ‘full frame’ images.

It delivers 180° diagonal angle of view images for all EOS SLR cameras with imaging formats ranging from full-frame to APS-C, and provides 180° circular fisheye images for full-frame EOS models.

All is said. This is one I’d be happy to get in my bag.


I was at the Hong Kong Tennis Classics 2011 this week, and would not miss the chance to shoot some of the players in action. I think it’s the first time I try to photograph tennis players and to say the least, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Maria Kirilenko I

First 2 matches (Kirilenko vs. Oudin & Zvonareva vs. V. Williams), my seat was less than ideal. Right in front of the baseline, the players were either on their profile or too far…
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Date : 10th and 12th December 2010 Sat and Sun
Time: 10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.
Venue: Jockey Club creative Arts Centre 1/F, 30 Pak Tin Street , Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong  (see where on a map)

As part of the Hong Kong Photo Festival 2010 (running throughout December), the Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association and photo enthusiasts Jimmy Chu & Franky Wong organize the 3rd  Hong Kong Photo Equipment Flea Market.

This is this weekend and though I have to admit I am not too sure what to expect there, this should not be missed! Of course, I will report back here pictures and highlights from the event.

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It has been years since I started bitching about my DSLR, the Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D). Released by Canon early 2005 and bought late October 2006, I hate its tiny screen, the poor ISO performance, the inaccessibility of some functions, its built quality, etc., etc. 3 years old and a mere 10’000 pictures later, it was time to switch.

The 50D did not completely fulfill all my wishes, notably the Wireless flash triggering and the viewfinder. A year later, the solution finally appeared, and yesterday it arrived, under the form of a brand new Canon EOS 7D (thanks to my wife :))

The Canon 7D

The Canon 7D with the 135mm f/2 attached

Rather than going in details and prepare a full review (I do not have the expertise for it anyway), I simply list here what I love, like, dislike and hate about this new body.

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