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WOW, a long while has passed since I last posted something on the blog… With the exception of some pictures in the ‘Little worlds‘ gallery. I wanted to do this for a while, so here is an example of post-processing a picture. I hope you will find it useful.

Step ‘0‘ – obviously enough – involves taking the picture. In this, I was granted access to the rooftop of a building in the middle of the Central district in Hong Kong. Looking down towards Connaught Road, the traffic was an amazing mix of colors and ant colony activity.

Here is the original picture, step ‘1‘:

Step 1

Picked from a series of 5 pictures, there were still two things I disliked about that one. Firstly, the inevitable orange color cast, offered as usual with the compliments of the Street Lights Association of Hong Kong. Secondly, the – again with the compliments of the S.L.A. (H.K.) – the light post.

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Some time later, 2010 (6 pictures)

Let's go golfing, Martine

Let's go golfing, Martine

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Popi and Pipo are the lastest addition to our menagerie. Don’t ask how we ended up with two hamsters while we have a cat, eager to hunt anything moving, from baby geckos to dragonflies…


More after the click…

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I recently went to Cambodia for probably the 7th time in three years. On these occasions, I usually travel there for work and do not always have the chance to visit the country. This time around a friend – fond of birding – organized a trip to the ruins of Koh Ker, a mere 3 hours drive from the national landmark Angkor Wat.

A great opportunity to try out our new cameras 😛

Prasat Phram

Koh Ker, on the Wikipedia Encyclopedia:

Koh Ker is an Angkorian site in northern Cambodia. 100 km northeast of Angkor itself, it was briefly the capital of the Khmer empire between 928 and 944 under king Jayavarman IV and his son Hasavarman II[…]. Here a vast number of temples were built under his reign, until his successor returned to the Angkor area about twenty years later.

The Koh Ker site is dominated by Prasat Thom, a 30 meter tall temple mountain raising high above the plain and the surrounding forest. Great views await the visitor at the end of an adventurous climb. Garuda, carved into the stone blocks, still guard the very top, although they are partially covered now.

Across the site of Koh Ker there are many prasat or tower sanctuaries. […] Most of them are surrounded by libraries and enclosures, many also had moats. At that time, the roofs were still made of wood. Today, only the holes for the beams remain in the stone structures.

The site is still 3 hours away from Siem Reap[…]. This makes Koh Ker very attractive for anyone who would like to experience lonely temples partially overgrown by the forest and inhabited only by birds, calling to each other from the trees above.

Not quite inoffensive

From Siem Reap, the trip is half easy, half not. We left around 5am to avoid the heat once at destination. The last tier of the track is beaten earth and the recent floods did not help maintaining in a good shape.

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From the Ho Chi Minh French library, I borrowed “L’île des gauchers” – which in English would make “The island if the left-handed” – by French writer Alexandre Jardin. I do not know if this novel is goor or not ; I haven’t read it yet.

L'ile aux gauchers

L'île des gauchers

Whenever I pick-up  a book at the library,  one of the first page I read is the handwritten list of subscribers who read it already. The computerization of libraries force the lists to end around 2004, but still, it is nice to see how many times the book was picked up.

In this particular book, the second page caught my intention because it contains a personal note.

Ha quel chemin difficile mais la finalité est belle.
A mon p’tit Didou,

From these words, multiple stories may be invented.

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