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Prestel Editions present this true coffee table book, a mere 1.36kg on the scale, a heavy-weight bot in terms of contents and container. Printed on thick paper and wrapped in linen, built to last, this is one piece every photography connoisseur must have.

New York Sleeps Cover

The 77 images present the viewer with an empty city. New York City is probably one of the most crowded place on Earth, yet German photographer Christopher Thomas present it to us completely emptied of its inhabitants. It then emerges a post-apocalyptic feeling blending with the timeless and nostalgic touch of black and white photography.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 2009

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From the Ho Chi Minh French library, I borrowed “L’île des gauchers” – which in English would make “The island if the left-handed” – by French writer Alexandre Jardin. I do not know if this novel is goor or not ; I haven’t read it yet.

L'ile aux gauchers

L'île des gauchers

Whenever I pick-up  a book at the library,  one of the first page I read is the handwritten list of subscribers who read it already. The computerization of libraries force the lists to end around 2004, but still, it is nice to see how many times the book was picked up.

In this particular book, the second page caught my intention because it contains a personal note.

Ha quel chemin difficile mais la finalité est belle.
A mon p’tit Didou,

From these words, multiple stories may be invented.

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Another massive book (30.9 x 42.5 cm and a mere 2.1 kilos!), from famed Holloywood Photographer Mario Testino, and foreworded by Nicole Kidman, which supposedly brings you in the life of celebrities. The list of those portrayed here would be long but let’s only mention, Demi MooreCameron DiazAngelina JolieBrad PittGeorge Clooney.

Mario Testinos Let me in

Mario Testino's Let me in

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