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This one set of diorama I found on Flickr  makes me half ashamed yet half re-envigorated to continue shooting the Little Worlds series.

Here is a selection of my favorites yet make sure you visit the complete set here.


Jeff Bridges did not win the Academy Award for his play in True Grit, but via his website, he offers us a photographic journey behind the scenes of the Coen brothers’ movie.

It is not the first time Jeff Bridges carry his Wide-Lux camera on sets, and the website also features shots taken on Tron:Legacy and other recent movies starring the ‘Dude’.

The laureates of the 2010 World Press Photo awards were announced earlier this month. Here is a selection of some of the wining pictures.

The complete winners list and credits are available on the official website of the foundation.

Not exactly part of the ‘At the movies’ series I just started, yet something came up for which I have much interest in.

For some obscure reasons and as far as I recall, I had never heard of Bill Cunningham until the Khaki Chronicles and the Sartorialist posted (respectively here and here) the trailer of the upcoming movie about the photographer. Instant buzz in the very narrow man-fashion blogosphere, the story and the character of this man intrigues me.

Bill Cunningham New York poster

Now I need to find a way to catch the movie.

We all perform.

It’s what we do for each other all the time,

deliberately or unintentionally.

It’s a way of telling about ourselves

in the hope of being recognized

as what we’d like to be.

Richard Avedon