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WOW, a long while has passed since I last posted something on the blog… With the exception of some pictures in the ‘Little worlds‘ gallery. I wanted to do this for a while, so here is an example of post-processing a picture. I hope you will find it useful.

Step ‘0‘ – obviously enough – involves taking the picture. In this, I was granted access to the rooftop of a building in the middle of the Central district in Hong Kong. Looking down towards Connaught Road, the traffic was an amazing mix of colors and ant colony activity.

Here is the original picture, step ‘1‘:

Step 1

Picked from a series of 5 pictures, there were still two things I disliked about that one. Firstly, the inevitable orange color cast, offered as usual with the compliments of the Street Lights Association of Hong Kong. Secondly, the – again with the compliments of the S.L.A. (H.K.) – the light post.

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For a few reasons I recently took a 3 days trip to Hong Kong (H.K.S.A.R.), on my own. I truly like the place and its numerous landmarks. Unfortunately, I did not take as many picture as I would have liked but anyway, a couple of shots did not hurt ; to my standards, some of them turned out nicely.

Photographically speaking, Hong Kong is a haven for me: great range of photo supplies (see Wing Shing Photo Supplies for example), some of the best prices tags in the world and a bustling, amazingly safe city. In some other places I would not be very confident carrying my US$ 3k+ camera bag. In Hong Kong, nothing to worry about and nights are great time to go around snapping the city life and indeed, its architecture.

Shaky financial institution

The extensive, convenient and efficient MTR (= subway) network allows to go to places. I mainly used the Central station and barely left Hong Kong Island. Not that I have something against Kowloon ; just had neither sufficient time nor sufficient needs.

Central Station

Hong Kong has many facets. Not the least being the lively streets. You simply cannot go around and find the same thing unless you are looking at shopping malls. Pretty much like any other Asian place, some of the streets showcase only one type of goods. Further, looking up in Hong Kong is a pleonasm; there is no way to avoid feeling short (someone told me there are over 8,000 buildings of 36-storeys or more in the S.A.R.) and vivid, competing neon signs are never far away from your sight.

Competition between the Club Tonnoch and the Jubilee Bar

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