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As mentioned in an earlier post,  the 3rd Hong Kong Photo Equipment Flea Market took place this week-end.

First of all, and seemingly like everything else in Hong Kong, the market starting at 10am was desert at 10.15am. Only one stall was set and few guys errand through the alleys.

I took the little time waiting to visit one of the exhibitions organized by the HKPF: “Klack and 7Fei”, 2 New HK Photo magazines, both founded by photographers. It was not very interesting, yet my favorite pieces there was the work of Oscar Wong. I did not get (most of) the rest.More info here.

Anyway, back to the fleas.

By 10.45am, a good crowd was wandering in the hall and some nice pieces were finally out.

About 15 to 20 passionates showcased their stuff and one thing was immediately noticeable: the large majority of sellers were pro shops (listings at the bottom of this post)!

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Today I’m booting up my latest project, with the firm intention to get it rolling for a while. It’s called “MadeInAnywhere” and as you imagine, it has something to do with Photography.

The idea is to take everyday life objects, picture their label “Made In …” and make a diptych out of the combination “provenance + object”. Every object would have its own post and contributions are welcome (a Flickr group is being setup for this)

It all comes up with one of my favorite expression. Every once in a while in cafeteria discussion someone says “Oh, this was Made In China” to which I invariably reply “Come on, the whole planet was Made In China“. But does it? How much of any object you can think traveled around the world to reach you? Our first item below comes from Japan!

Mug, Made in Japan

We’ll see this and a lot more on

1.5 euro each

1.5 euro each

As discussed a few days ago in an earlier post, I recently had a four weeks travel – mostly for holidays – to France. It was a great time to get to know my new friend, the magnificent Canon 135mm f/2L *magic* prime lens.

We had visited two provincial regions: the South East, where I was born and raised – a great opportunity to catch up with my family and friends ; the South West, a mystery for us as we never went there before ; and finally Paris – well Paris remains Paris…

I had missed France. Not France itself, but its culture. How great to go to a real bookstore, with plenty of choice to feed my curiosity about history, art, and obviously photography. How nice to get a flan pâtissier (my favorite!) worthing to hold such name. How interesting it was to look at the French society with a – more and more – external standpoint (I no longer live in France for over 6 years…).

So what I try here, is to share with you some of the impressions I’ve had during the trip there. It is by no means representative of the idea I have of France, only stuff I bumped into during the trip – no montage, no setup. Anyway, before you look at the pictures, two little quotes to meditate about France:

I have tried to lift France out of the mud. But she will return to her errors and vomitings. I cannot prevent the French from being French.
Charles de Gaulle

I like Frenchmen very much, because even when they insult you they do it so nicely.
-Josephine Baker

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