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Not exactly part of the ‘At the movies’ series I just started, yet something came up for which I have much interest in.

For some obscure reasons and as far as I recall, I had never heard of Bill Cunningham until the Khaki Chronicles and the Sartorialist posted (respectively here and here) the trailer of the upcoming movie about the photographer. Instant buzz in the very narrow man-fashion blogosphere, the story and the character of this man intrigues me.

Bill Cunningham New York poster

Now I need to find a way to catch the movie.


Prestel Editions present this true coffee table book, a mere 1.36kg on the scale, a heavy-weight bot in terms of contents and container. Printed on thick paper and wrapped in linen, built to last, this is one piece every photography connoisseur must have.

New York Sleeps Cover

The 77 images present the viewer with an empty city. New York City is probably one of the most crowded place on Earth, yet German photographer Christopher Thomas present it to us completely emptied of its inhabitants. It then emerges a post-apocalyptic feeling blending with the timeless and nostalgic touch of black and white photography.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 2009

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