As part of the French May 2011 festival in Hong Kong, a photography exhibition will feature 36 pictures of the artist. “The upside down world of Philippe Ramette opens April 28.

Philippe Ramette scours the world alone – seas, deserts, mountains, seabed – carefully observing it and placing himself in meditative positions which defy gravity and logic. His work is “an invitation to experiment: with weightlessness, with perception, with falling”.

Discreet and seemingly unflappable, he possesses a devastating wit, combining profound thinking on art and the human condition and making him one of the greatest contemporary artists, in the same vein as Duchamp, Dada and Michaux – mixed with a touch of Buster Keaton.

Ramette is a meticulous and mischievous thinker who takes language literally and makes us sway from the rational to the irrational.

Exhibition: Each of Philippe Ramette’s performances is the subject of a photograph representing the work itself.


From 28 April to 29 May 2011 – Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui – Free Admission