I was at the Hong Kong Tennis Classics 2011 this week, and would not miss the chance to shoot some of the players in action. I think it’s the first time I try to photograph tennis players and to say the least, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Maria Kirilenko I

First 2 matches (Kirilenko vs. Oudin & Zvonareva vs. V. Williams), my seat was less than ideal. Right in front of the baseline, the players were either on their profile or too far…

Maria Kirilenko II

I brought along my 135mm f/2 on my 7D. Light was reasonably fine, though the position of the spots gave me big flare on the court’s ground.

Venus Williams

Most of the pro I saw there (= the press) were using either the EF 300mm f/2.8L, the EF 200mm f/2 IS and sometimes the EF 400mm f/2.8 IS lenses. I saw only one guy shooting with Nikkor.

For the third match, I was more or less invited in the President’s Box, right behind the players: McEnroe vs. Kafelnikov. This position was much better in terms of lighting.

John McEnroe I

John McEnroe II

The IS would have helped a lot but not only: the crop format of the APC-S sensor does not give a DOF shallow enough to completely blur the background.

Evgeny Kafelnikov

Obviously, those guys had the best spot:

TV Crew